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Fishing Forever
Tales from the river bank of a very different kind
by David Churchill.

 The brilliant new collection of fishing stories for teenage readers

Fishing Forever by David Churchill

"..this book will lead to deserted streets and a bristling of new rods along the water's edge."
Chris Yates, the BBC's 'A Passion for Angling'

"Ken says, 'Come fishing tomorrow Dave,' and because there's no football, Dave goes. From that day on, he's hooked by the magic of the river, with its battling barbel and primitive pike, big chub and shining roach.
But the river has mysteries too. Is a ghost fishing between them on the lonely bank?
Who's drowning on the day they skive school?
How wise can it be to explore an underground lake where something very big swims in the dark?
Have they discovered an irresistible bait?
And how much in love do you have to be to let a girl challenge you to a match....?"

'Fishing Forever' covers the life and times of two anglers as they grow up alongside their sport.

The scene is set around the rivers and waterways of the Thames in Wiltshire, near to the home of the author.

It's a very clever book, both in content and layout, which has been aimed at the angling teenager. The book paints a picture of angling the way I certainly remember it as a youngster. It's also a very easy read and the chapters are full of what fishing is all about - lots of adventure.

The writing gives a taste of mystery and enjoyment, something that's definitely missing from today's "instant angling".

It's a true reflection of what fishing is all about, and as each chapter progresses, the bond between angler and his surroundings shines through. If you had a fishing apprenticeship, catching small perch and minnows as I did, then you will be able to relate to this book in a big way.

Martin Ford - 'Improve Your Coarse Fishing'

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